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Karoline Pioto

Minha missão de vida é ajudar pessoas a se conectarem em sua melhor versão

Tudo o que você está procurando está te procurando tbm

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Brazillian Community 

  • Follow my links to  XOCAL events,  ​
  • Brazilian cultural events and translation in Portuguese.


SAT 10/10

9:30 Club - Washington D.C.

w/ The Justin Trio

FRI 11/20

Radio City Music Hall - NYC

w/ The Justin Trio

Fri 01/01

The Filmore - San Francisco

w/ The Justin Trio


It’s commonly believed that Brazil’s national dance is Samba. Not so. There is only one dance rhythm that is danced throughout the entire country and it’s called Forró (fo-HALL). The dance is at least 50 years old and the music is older. In fact, the music predates the name, Forró. The music began very simple, with only three instruments—the triangle, accordion, and the zambuma. A zambuma is a single, large drum worn over the shoulder. Both the top side and bottom side are played, with the top having the bass drum sound and the bottom sounds more like a snare.